Broadband News archive from September 2004


Finally. Broadband in Broadford is here. It got installed today and all is working.
17 September 2004

More delays for Broadband in Broadford Hi Chris,

I have just had a word with our exchange builders and they say that there have been further delays due problems with the backhaul. The exchange will now be completed by 20th September.

I am extremely sorry for the delay to the upgrade. Best wishes

BT Wholesale Broadband Marketing Manager

10 September 2004

Letter about the delay from BT Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email, and please accept my apologies for the delay you have been experiencing.

We did have a few problems enabling the exchange with the backhaul, and it was slightly delayed. However, it is due to be fully enabled on Monday, so the orders will start going through at the end of next week. It will affect all orders on the exchange.

I would suggest you contact your ISP next week to arrange a new date.

We do keep our ISPs informed on a weekly basis of any date slippages and it is then up to them to pass this information on to their customers. I’m sorry if this has not happened in your case.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best wishes

Julie Russill
BT Wholesale Broadband Marketing Manager

03 September 2004

Delay in commissioning Exchange in Broadford

Another Exchange that seamed to be delayed in commissioning in Broadford on the Isle of Skye. After the installation of the equipment After the equipment in the exchange last week in time for the RFS date 25/8/2004 I was waiting in vain for an BT engineer to turn up yesterday, but after not turning up I followed up with BT and my ISP. Both confirmed that there seams to still be parts missing from the Exchange?
02 September 2004

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