Broadband News archive from November 2003
Trigger Level set for Skye Exchanges Today a trigger level was set for the Exchange in Broadford, Portree and Kyle. This means that the campaign to "Exchange Enable" Broadford is flawed as BT now have a commercial proposition to ADSL enable to exchange, and thus HIE can't fund this project.

Main thrive now must be to reach the trigger level of 150 non committal pre-registrations. We already have 52 pre-registrations in BT's system.

The Trigger level set for Kyle is also 150 with 52 registrations.

Portree got a trigger level of 300 and already has 122 pre registrations.

17 November 2003

Application submitted to HIE Today we submitted our application to HIE. But it still needs your initiative ...

The feedback we got so far is:

  • We are top of the list of applications for the Skye and Lochalsh area.
  • HIE has no money and is only pursuing 3 test cases
  • All other applications are delayed until beginning of next financial year (and ours is at the top of the pile).
  • We can still go ahead for the individual applications for grant assistance of the Broadband installation assistance grant. Alaistar will get us the information we need to collect to get the individual applications. The deadline for this funding is 31 March 2004, but as we have the big application in, Alaister says we can progress with the individual applications anyway.
  • We need to keep the pressure up with HIE and SALE and then maybe we can convince them to make money available in this financial year. Therefore, please send your begging letters to Robert Muir of SALE (for contact details see and also to Stuart Robertson (search for his contact details on The more pressure, the better. HIE had big campaigns promising broadband, now we need to ask them to fulfill their promises.

We'll keep you posted of any news ...


12 November 2003

Quick Decision needed

We need to make a quick decision if we apply initially for the 30 or 60 subscriber modules.
07 November 2003


To make it easier to direct people to this site I've pointed the domain to this site.
07 November 2003

Quote from Scotnet received

Quote from Scotnet received, now it's on us to either drum up the additional 30 people or start with the 30 user module.
05 November 2003

Scotnet asked for quote

We have made contact with Scotnet and asked them for a quote.
05 November 2003

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